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System design requirements

Program requirements involve facilities where minutes or even seconds of downtime can result in not only millions of dollars in lost revenue, but also life threatening situations and priceless data.

System specifications

Verify the control system sequence of operation meets the engineers design intent, and that the installed components are in compliance with the design documents.

system configuration

Provides increased assurance that the specified equipment has been installed correctly and has been coordinated to work properly with other facility equipment.

system optimization

Reveal hidden defects in design, installation and equipment or functional incompatibility issues with specifications or other systems

fail safe Verification

Allows for issues caused by system shortcomings that lead to serious system malfunction and down time to be identified and avoided

Failure testing, especially with N+1 redundant systems, verifies continuous operation even during power and equipment failures insuring maximum uptime. Testing starts with the individual equipment components, advances to include system level testing and then verifies the control programming. Testing scripts are written utilizing the sequence of operation and design documents, and fully tests all critical components.

Integrated Systems Testing

Evaluating the performance of facility equipment and systems underload and during emergency conditions"